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10 Most Beautiful Underwater Hotels Around the World

Beautiful Underwater Hotels- The concept of Underwater Hotels sounds dreamy for us. But now, it has become reality. These Beautiful Underwater Hotels are so interesting for nature loving people. They can explore amazing life of submarine by living there. When we stay in Underwater Hotels, we have a chance to live with dangerous and poisonous sea creature like fishes, Shark and many other large fishes. Additionally, they can explore the ocean’s depth. Here we provide you some information about Beautiful Underwater hotels.

Beautiful underwater hotels

Top 10 Beautiful Underwater hotels:

When we think about spending our vacations in Beautiful underwater hotels, many questions arise in our mind like  is it possible to live underwater in these beautiful hotels, can we survive underwater, will we see the sea creature like fishes from our luxurious rooms with out any danger. For knowing the answers of all these questions some information about these Beautiful underwater hotels is given here.

1- Atlantis:

Beautiful Underwater HotelsAs we know that underwater hotels exists in the world and Atlantis is one of them. Atlantis provides us a chance to visit and stay with water creature like fishes and wheels. The beautiful underwater Atlantis located in Dubai. You kids can explore by living in their luxurious rooms. You can feel the beauty of sea from the window of your rooms.

2- Jules Undersea Lodge:

Beautiful underwater hotels

The beautiful Lord Undersea Lorge located off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. The hotel Jules Undersea Lodge is named after Jules Verne who is the author of 20,000 leagues under the Sea. So, this hotel is the place of interest for reading lovers. For living in this hotel you must be a good diver because its entrance is 21 feet underwater. This is the best place of visiting for history lovers because it is the oldest hotel of the world according to research. Many stars lives here occasionally.


3- The Manta Resort:

Beautiful underwater hotels

If you want to spend your vacation in coolest place than The Manta Resort is the best option for you. It is located in the most cool city Zanzibar. From the windows of its luxurious rooms, you can see the beautiful fishes and under water local areas. By living in its rooms, you will feel yourself much near to nature. The clean water of sea enables you to see the things under water.

4- The Utter Inn:

Beautiful underwater hotels

In 2013, Mikael Genberg inaugurated the project of underwater hotel “The Utter Inn”. This hotel based in Sweden. He gave visitors a best place to visit underwater. The luxurious rooms of Utter Inn enables visitors to sleep under the peaceful and quiet Lake Malaren. By living in this hotel, you will get to see water creature that you have never seen before.

 5- Conrad Maldives Rangali Island:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Sometimes, People hesitate and get afraid to get in water and spends their days. Additionally, they also wants to enjoy some time in water. So, for such kind of people “Conrad Maldives Rangali Island” is the best choice. Because this hotel is combination of both. This is located in Maldives on Rangali Island. Although, this hotel is not underwater but its dining room is underwater.

6- Hydropolis:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Hydropolis is most expensive underwater hotel. It is located in Dubai. This hotel is still under construction and build with all modern equipment and unique glimpse. Before its inauguration, its visitors are in long line. So, you must be one of them to visit it.

7- Subsix at Niyama:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Subsix is Located in Niyama that is the indian ocean. Like Conrad Maldives, this hotel is also located on earth but its club is located under the water. In this beautiful club you can enjoy dance and drinks. Beautiful fishes and other water creature are also add more enjoyment to your activity.

8- Poseidon Undersea Resort:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Poseidon Undersea Resort is located in Fiji. Its famous for its underwater chapel and allows you to get married with coral garden as a back ground. This beautiful back ground with fishes make your wedding pictures more attractive and beautiful. This is the most coolest place. In this beautiful sea creature like fishes grace your wedding with their presence.

 9- Lime Spa:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Lime Spa is located in Maldives. Lime Spa is famous for its Luxury and solitude. After spending the nights in the club and after heavy drinking, people need some time to relax and to enjoy solitude. So, for all these luxuries Lime Spa is the best choice.

Lime Spa also offers beauty tips and people in this hotel fully pampered in beauty before visiting any location. So, Lime Spa is the best option for spending your vacation with full luxuries.

10- Lovers Deep:

Beautiful underwater hotels

Lovers Deep is the one of the most romantic stay in underwater world. Lover deep is the most dreamy and romantic place for lovers in the bottom of sea. So, its the best opportunity for the lovers to get closer to each other without any disturbance in the deep of ocean. Additionally, it offers all the luxuries. It is the world’s extraordinary and exceptional hotel for honey moon.


Above we have provided you some interesting information about Underwater Hotels. We hope that you would get knowledge after reading this collection. For more information about  Asia top Best places and Pakistan Best places, visit our factsclick site.

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