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10 Bizarre Nail Facts That Will Seriously Shock You

Bizarre Nail Fact- Facts about nails are unknown to numerous, and few of them are very fascinating that greater part of us don’t know. We realize that nails just beautifies our hands and feet, however there’s significantly more to nails. Nails is a horn-like envelope covering the tips of fingers and toes. Nails are similar to claws of other animals. These Nails are made of dead skin cells. Furthermore here are some of the Nail Facts that you should know about.

Nail Tips & facts

Some of these facts are truly interesting, yet the greater part of them are methodical. Do you know your nail has parts that join and make nail? Do you know, your nail informs a lot about your health. Trust me, shape, size, color and lines on your nails are sufficient to tell your specialist regarding your health. Below are list of more Amazing and Interesting Nail Facts.

10 Bizarre Nail Facts That Will Shock You:


  1. Shape of nails is like a fish scales. Your nails grow about 3.5 millimeters per month, however your middle fingernail grow faster than other and thumb nail grow slower.

  2. Nails grow faster in warmer climates than colder climates.

  3. Nails protect sensitive skin areas of human body.

    Nail Facts

  4. Actually nails grow quicker if you cut them regularly. You shouldn’t cut your nails in the dark,  because its kind of bad luck.

  5. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails, strange but its true. Nails problem causes 10% of skin problem.

  6. Three most common shape of nails are square, oval and squalor ( its a mix between an oval nails and a square nails). Less common shape of nails are round shape and pointed-nail.

    Nail Facts

  7. You may heard the tall tale of white spots on your nails which means you have a calcium deficiency.

  8. Hair and nails are also made up of the same thing called keratin.

  9. Try to keep your nails clean because there is germs inside nails causes health problem.

  10.  Pay attention to your nails hygiene and also clean them on a regular basis.

    Nail Facts

    There are different parts of nails such as:


    The cuticle: The tissue that overlaps your nail.

    The nails Bed: The skin beneath the nail plate, these are the ones that produce the fingernail.

    Nails Folds: The skin that frames each nails plate on three side.

    Nails plate: The visible hard part of the nails.

    The lunula: It is the front part of the matrix we can see, basically a visible part.

Conclusion: So here above are Nail Facts that you should probably know. I hope, this information will help you and it will increase your knowledge. Further, You can also find something about fashion here.

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