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Amazing Dolphin Facts – Top 10 Dolphin Facts

Amazing Dolphin Facts- Here we have compiled a list of amazing Dolphin facts. As we know that the world is full of different kind of animals. All animals are unique in their features and characteristics. Here we provide you Amazing Dolphin facts. Dolphin is a most beautiful and intelligent specie of aquatic life. Dolphin is unique in its features and body structure. Dolphins are mammals that are so friendly and loving. Here we provide you plenty of dolphin amazing facts that are so interesting.

Dolphin Amazing Facts

Top 10 Amazing Dolphin Facts:

  1. Dolphin gestation system is also different and unique from other animals. Gestation of Dolphin takes 9 to 17 months. After birth it provide safety and cuddling to their young.

  2. Dolphin is also unique in birthing of its calves. Because it gives birth with tail first instead of head rather than other mammals. Dolphins nurse their calves for 2 years. But calves live with their Dolphins for 8 years.

  3. As Dolphin is a mammal that lives in water but come to surface of water to breathe. For example, Boto is a largest dolphin that lives in fresh water.

  4. Some dolphin species live in fresh water and some lives in saltwater.

  5. Dolphins need to get air at different time intervals. Some need at every 20 seconds and some at 30 minutes.

    dolphin facts

    Interesting Facts About Dolphins:

  6. Dolphin’s communication system is so interesting. They move in the form of pods. Pod is a group of dolphins. Dolphins communicate with each other by clicking and whistling.

  7. Dolphin has 100 teethes. But the interesting thing is that it does not use them for chew of prey but just for grab. Prey as swallowed whole.

  8. When a dolphin sleeps, its one side of brain sleeps at a time. It enables a dolphin to be aware of presence of threats.

  9. The size of smallest dolphin is about 4 feet long and largest dolphin is about 30 feet long. Its weigh can be from 90 pounds to 11 tons.

  10. Dolphin has fast healing process. It’s very surprising and interesting thing for scientists that how dolphin can heal their deep wounds. While it is not possible for other mammals.

So. here is the list of amazing Dolphin facts; hopefully you will increase your knowledge after reading these Dolphin amazing facts. After all of that we have a huge compiled list about facts in which you can check facts about Penguin, Health facts and Celebrities facts and so on.


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