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Top 10 Amazing Penguin Facts that Will Cheer You Up

Top 10 Amazing Penguin Facts – We have compiled a list of facts about Penguin, Here is the list of Top 10 Amazing Penguin Facts. We will discuss with you about the beautiful animal Penguin. This world is full of different type and kind of birds and they have their own uniqueness. So, Penguins are different from others. They have beauty because of their physical body and they live mostly at sea. They are most beloved birds in the world and usually find in Zoos and marine parks. There are many thing in penguins that makes them special and interesting.

Penguin Facts

Top 10 Amazing Penguin Facts:

  1.  Penguin’s swim like dolphin or porpoises. They can swim very fast and quickly. While they jump in water, the distance from water over 7 feet.

  2.  Another fact about Penguin’s are, they travel in group and live together. While when they enter in sea and leave from sea they are in group due to safety.

  3.  Penguins have their lives, wild penguin’s live maximum 15 to 20 years of their lives. They spend their lives 75% in water.

  4.  In Penguin’s fact, they typically are not afraid of humans.

    Penguin Facts

  5. Furthermore there is Gentoo Penguin, who has ability the fastest underwater swimming. He has ability to swim up to 22 mph which is approximately 36 km/h.

  6.  Penguins are known as there swimming style. Because they have unique swimming style of leaping in and out of the water in short. This style is called Porpoise.

  7.  Penguin’s eyes have unique ability. They work just as well underwater as like they do above the ground.

  8.  There is massive disparity in size between different penguin types.

  9.  In facts, mainly penguins survive entirely in the southern hemisphere.

  10.  The last but not least, royal leader of penguins go against predictable male/female parenting roles.

So, Here are the Top 10 amazing Penguin facts, hopefully these will increase your knowledge after read these facts. After that we have a huge compiled list about facts. you can check  interesting facts , Celebrities facts and many more. 

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