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Facts about long life without disease

 what to eat?

Don’t make your belly the graveyard of animals. A well known Arabian ,mathematician Al Khaawrzmi  and noble prize holder james frank did not eat meat. Views about meat of James frank that it is a habit of animal. Human being should not eat it. Hazrat Imam Jafir Sadiq (r.a)says that disease attack the some people suddenly by eating more meat. Through which man become the prey of death. Final stage of every disease is blood disorder.

And this disease is attacked by eating spicy foods. Sukrat says” Don’t  fill your belly with food you will get health”. A Hakeem says”Who want health he should take his breakfast at the time of (7:30 to 8:00). We should eat neat and clean things. Water should drink on demand. Sleep for  one hour  after launch. Go for  walk after  dinner. Do not take bath after eating  food. One time food in summer is equal to ten time food in winter”.

facts about long life without disease

How to eat?

Wash your hand and face with soap in start. After its be free from any type of thinking. Eat your food with your hand. You can drink water in the start and mid of eating food. Do not drink water after eating food. Do not speak loudly at dining table. We should eat food together. A well known saying is “o your breakfast  like kings,launch like their assistant and dinner like beggar”. Medical says we should eat five time in a day by dividing our food into many parts. We are living for eating. We should eat for living. Having a meal once a day is the way of prophets. Eating of food twice a day is the way of muslims. And three times in a day is the way of grazers.

facts about long life without disease

When to eat?

Do not leave your breakfast . Do your breakfast regularly. Oats gruel  and simple bread and one cup of tea is best  breakfast. At night we should take low quantity of food. In night you can take one slice or any sweet dish. Water should be drink after two hour of eating. In food vegetables  should be eat in plenty. Walk  for 20 minutes everyday. Students should take their breakfast early in the morning. We should use fresh juices and eggs in the breakfast. we should eat food after four hours. After doing  launch take rest for an hour. We should brush our teeth two times in a day.

facts about long life without disease

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