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Interesting Spider Facts – Top 10 Spider Facts

Interesting Spiders Facts- Here we have compiled a list of top facts about Spider. Here is a list of  interesting  Spiders facts. As we know that world is full of different kinds of animals, birds and insects. All animal are unique in their characteristics. In the same way, spider has also some interesting and unique features. One of the most unique characteristic of spiders is the production of Silk which they use to create spider webs and to capture prey. Spider is also unique in its body shape. They are not insects. So they are little bit different from them. They do not have antenna but insects do and they have 8 legs while insects have 6. Almost, they find everywhere in the world. There are many things which make them unique and interesting. Start reading our Best Selected Spiders Facts.

Interesting Spiders Facts

Interesting Spiders Facts:

  1. According to scientists there are approximately 38’000 known species of spiders. Some of them are Black widows, Salticidae (jumping Scorpio), Bolas spider and so on.

  2. Spiders belong to arachnid’s family not insects. So they don’t have antennas. Other members of arachnid’s family are Scorpios, harvest men and so on.

  3. Most spiders make silk but not all spiders spin web. These Web-weaving spiders have two or three claws at the tip of each leg. They use to swing from strand to strand without getting stuck in the sticky part of their web.

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  4. Spiders are also unique in their movements, as when they move or travel; they always have four legs touching the ground and other four legs off the ground at any required moment.

  5. Almost all spiders are harmless for humans but some are harmful to humans and their mates like Black widows.

  6.  Black widows are harmful for their mates like male widow feeds himself to the female by placing himself into her mandibles. He will place himself there until she eventually eats him.


  7. Jumping Spider can see into spectrum we humans cannot. Few spiders can see both UVA and UVB light.

  8. Tarantulas have some tiny hairs on its body. This body structure is helpful in defense purpose.

  9. Spiders web are so strong to manage body weight. So these webs are stronger than steel.wolf-spider-facts1

  10. It’s amazing and interesting fact that bites of wolf. Spider is fatal unless the victim engaged in dancing on certain music.

    These were some interesting facts about Spider. Hopefully you have increased your knowledge about Spiders after reading these facts. We also have a huge compiled list about facts in which you can check fact about Penguin Facts | interesting facts and many more.

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