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Space and Universe – A World of Billion Worlds

We are living in this world; this world is full of fruitful nature and blessings. We live here and eat food, consume oxygen from fresh air and take it as breath and also see trees, flowers, mountain, waterfalls, rainfalls, snowfalls, lakes and much more. Here is also see the day and night, where day comes with bright sun and night with the shining stars and moon. Beyond the Earth there is an outer region above the atmosphere of earth which is called Space. This space is actually the home of billions of stars and sun and off –course our sweet home planet “The Earth”. There in space many billions of planets are also include.

Introduction to Space:

Our earth is part of a small region in space which is “The Solar System”. There is not only our planet in this solar system but few other planets are also our neighbors in this solar system, and Yes! Sun is also a part of our solar system. Now the question is that, except of our solar system, there is nothing there in Space? ” the answer is ‘ No ’, because our solar system  itself is the part of  as Galaxy of stars called “ Milky way Galaxy”  the galaxy consists of billions of billion  stars and yes we are still lonely in entire galaxy among billions of stars. But galaxy is also the part of “Nebulae” and now ‘What are Nebulae? ‘The nebulae consist of billions of galaxies in the space.

 Wonders of Space:

The space is wide spread naturally and is far past created before the creation of mankind and even before our solar system. The stars we at night in space are the very tiny amount of our galaxy these stars are also planets which much different than planet earth. On the basis of our current research there is no life on any other known planets in the entire space.

In space there is no air, no oxygen and no sound frequency and even no gravity (gravity is a natural phenomenon on the planet earth by which we can move anywhere on the surface of earth and if we through something in air it falls back on the surface, this is due to gravity. If here was no gravity then everything including us would be trap in air).

The Solar System:

Space and Universe – A World of Billion Worlds beyond the Earth
Space and Universe – A World of Billion Worlds

In our solar system few other planets are also included. The place where these planets are placed one by one is called “Orbit”. Every single planet is placed on its location and revolving around the sun. Here are the names of planets in sequence of their location in the solar system:

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune
  9. Pluto

All these planets are revolving around the sun at different speed. When one orbit of the planet around the sun is completed then it is called one completed year of that planet. There is no life on any other planet in solar system except earth. Other planet are not empty they contain huge collections of huge stuffs like chemical diamonds, nitrogen. And other kind of gases. However these planets are not able to support any life survival material there because they lack of any survival materials that are necessary for life support.

There is no oxygen no water the basic elements for every kind of life. Some of these planets are so much bigger. Let’s take a look at Jupiter; this planet is 1000x times bigger than the size of earth it means 1000 of earth planets could easily adjusted in it. Jupiter protects earth from asteroids (asteroids are like big stones 50meter – 500meter in diameter moving across the space) coming to the earth. Saturn is also much bigger then earth but a little shorter than Jupiter. Now discuss about the sun, sun provides energy to the entire solar system. It not only provides the energy but also emits some very harmful radiations. Earth’s atmosphere protects from these harmful radiations. The size of the sun is 1300x times bigger than the size of the earth

Human Activities in Space:

It’s not a new thing; the peoples of ancient ages had keen interests in space. At night time these peoples would wonder by looking at thousands of shining stars in far skies. So it’s not a new kind of wonder. There are many activities of humans in space including our solar system. Since the revolution of modern technology the human starts to flying in sky. And a new dream of visit of space came into existence. For converting this dreams into reality the humans made an organization named NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). This organization starts researching the space and sends many machines called “Artificial Satellites”. These satellites usually sent by a rocket in space.

After researching it deeply the scientists made a decision to send human in the space. In this context they started preparing for this project. As human can’t live there in space, so they designed a special type of suit called “Space Suit”. This suit was a masterpiece which was ever created. It consists of basic survival elements in space; it consists of oxygen and provides a suitable pressure necessary to human body to work properly. As there is no gravity in the space and gravity is needed for proper working of human body organs. The space suit is pressurized and it provides the pressure to body. Because suitable pressure is required for well flow of blood in human body.


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